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Monday 05/06/24 Handstands & Burpee Pull-ups

10 rounds for time:

Bar 6 inches above fingertips with arms extended overhead.


The handstand push-up volume today is substantial, and even though we have pull-ups to break things up, the burpee element brings in some pushing redundancy which starts to bite in later rounds.

Many will aim to complete a round every minute. For the majority, a great finishing goal is 12-15 minutes.

If needed, pick a modification for the handstand push-ups that allows you to hit the first 4-5 rounds unbroken, and a modification for the burpee pull-ups that allows you to complete 5 in 30-40 seconds each round.

Intermediate option:

10 rounds for time:

6 handstand push-ups

3 burpee pull-ups**

Bar at the fingertips with arms overhead.

Beginner option:

10 rounds for time:

3 burpee jumping pull-ups**

Bar at the middle of the forearms with arms overhead.

15-lb dumbbells20-lb dumbbells

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