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Tuesday March 19,2024 (please watch the videos & practice)

5 rounds for time:

12 weighted alternating single-leg squats

♀ 20 lb♂ 35 lb

Scaling: Today’s workout should be quick, but the beefed-up variation of the single-leg squat may cause a few speed wobbles. Use a single dumbbell or kettlebell to load the single-leg squats (athletes may choose how to hold the weight). The single-leg squats should be challenging, however, each set should take no more than 1 minute to complete. Scale the load to hit this stimulus. Each set of knees-to-elbows should be completed in 1 minute or less. Scale the height of the knees to hit the intended stimulus.

Intermediate option: 5 rounds for time:

12 knees-to-armpits

12 alternating single-leg squats

Beginner option: 5 rounds for time:

12 alternating reverse lunges

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