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TUESDAY 01/09/24 * Fresh Take on Push-ups

8 rounds for time:

♀ 65 lb♂ 95 lb

CrossFit | A Fresh Take on the Lowly Push-up READ ARTICLE, IMPROVE TECHNIQUE

Scaling:In this workout, no single round should take longer than 2 minutes to complete. The loading of the sumo deadlift high pull should be light and allow you to perform the reps in 2 sets or less.

Intermediate option:8 rounds for time:10 sumo deadlift high pulls12 hand-release push-ups

♀ 55 lb♂ 75 lb

Beginner option:5 rounds for time:8 sumo deadlift high pulls8 push-ups from the knees

♀ 35 lb♂ 45 lb

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