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Thursday 10/19/23 Back Squats & Burpees

Back squat 10-8-6-4-2 reps

*Increase the weight of each set for 5 sets. Rest no more than 3 minutes between sets.

With a partner, complete 6 rounds each for time of: 6 burpees to touch 6 weighted roll ups

*Alternate rounds with a partner. For the burpees, touch something 3 inches above your standing reach. If you do the workout solo, rest 1 minute after each set.


For the back squats, newer lifters should focus on mechanics before heavy loads. If you do not have a partner for the second segment, rest 1 minute after each round until you have completed 6 rounds. Beginner-level athletes can reduce the volume to 5 total rounds and modify the movements.

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