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Monday 02/12/24 "Christine"


3 rounds for time of:

500-meter row

12 bodyweight deadlifts

♀ 20 in♂ 20 in

Scaling: Today’s workout is a classic CrossFit benchmark. For an advanced athlete, each round is a sprint. Put your foot on the gas pedal and hold on. The load of the barbell is light enough that you should push to maintain unbroken sets for all 3 rounds. Remember to stand up completely on top of the box in the box jumps. Newer athletes should reduce the deadlift load to a weight that can be completed in 2 sets or less while maintaining good technique.

Intermediate option: 3 rounds for time of

500-meter row

12 deadlifts

21 box jumps

♀ 20 in, 105 lb♂ 20 in, 155 lb

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